Sabina Ibarrola is a green witch and a blossoming herbalist in the Wisewoman tradition. Drawing on her training in herbal medicine and earthspirit wisdom, Sabina is building her teaching and clinical practice, combining a passion for plants and plant medicine with a fierce dedication to collective liberation and helping people love their beautifully diverse bodies. She lives in Austin, Texas.

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About my practice:

My spirituality and work as an herbalist are grounded in a deep ecological sense of the web of life, firmly rooted in respect and love for the plants, as well as a belief that healing ourselves is healing our communities is healing the earth.

I work mostly with plants that are local to me, making medicine in my kitchen from what I can grow in my garden or wildcraft in nearby natural areas. I believe that the plants that grow locally and in abundance have the most medicine to offer us (like liver-nourishing dandelion for us stressed-out citydwellers!). I work with both physical and subtle energies of the plants, and often incorporate flower and gemstone essences. I try to meet people where they are at, and I prefer herbal protocols and recipes that are simple and intuitive, easy to make and delicious to take. I offer consultations and workshops that are loving, kind, intuitive, nonjudgmental, and down-to-earth. I believe that our bodies are always already oriented towards healing, and that by working with the plants (+ nutrition, movement, ritual, and connection…) we can support our smart bodies in being their own good medicine.

My practice is also informed by my experiences as a cultural worker, training in dance and theater, and immigration justice work: all coming together in a passion for body liberation, and a commitment to bringing care and attention to the impacts of oppression on our bodies/hearts/spirits/psyches.

My training:

In 2015 I graduated from a three-year apprenticeship with Robin Rose Bennett in herbal medicine and earthspirit teachings. This apprenticeship prepared and trained me well with skills and knowledge in identifying and wild-crafting medicinal plants, and experience in making herbal preparations for nourishment and healing. Through work/study exchange, I have also gained valuable experience assisting Robin Rose with classes, weed walks, and herbal conference presentations. In 2016 I completed my first year of working a monthly sliding-scale herbal clinic with Robin Rose and other apprenticeship graduates at Robert Morrow Family Medical Practice in Riverdale, NY. I am currently in my second year of working on this clinic team, and I deeply value the experience of collaborating with and learning from this supportive and knowledgeable circle of practitioners.

Additional training includes: 2014 Queer Ancestral Healing intensive with Dori Midnight and Atava Garcia Swiecicki; 2015 New England Women’s Herbal Conference (workshops with Karyn Sanders, Phyllis Light; assisting with Robin Rose Bennett’s workshops); 2016 Forager’s Apprentice intensive with Eric Kelly of Charm City Farms, Baltimore, MD; 2017 Wilderness Herbal First Aid with Sam Coffman.


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